Vazhenkada Vijayan

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Vazhenkada Vijayan is a senior Kathakali exponent and a retired principal of Kerala Kalamandalam, the performing art institute where he was trained in the classical dance-drama from Kerala in southern India.[1]

A son and disciple of late Kathakali artiste Padma Shri Vazhenkada Kunchu Nair, Vijayan is noted for his roles in the categories of the virtuous pachcha, the anti-heroic Kathi and the semi-realistic minukku roles.

Vijayan won the Central Sangeet Natak Academy 2012 award for Kathakali.[2]

A native of Vazhenkada in Malappuram district, he now lives in the Kathakali village of Vellinezhi in Palakkad district. His wife name is Rajalakshmi .

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