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Vast Self
Vast Self Corporation
VastSelf logo.png
MottoRestore peace and happiness in the World
FounderLynda Hardy, Beata Balos, Deanna Herrera Ed.D and Aleksander Balos
Founded atCalifornia, USA
TypeNonprofit, NGO
Registration no.83-1669166
Legal statusPublic charity
HeadquartersMount Shasta
  • California, The United States of America

Vast Self is a California-based nonprofit public charity dedicated to showing the world that everlasting peace and happiness are indeed possible and easy to achieve with a new first-rate problem-solving method based on Pratityasamutpada discovered by Nagarjuna. It was co-founded by Lynda Hardy, Beata Balos, Deanna Herrera Ed.D, and Aleksander Balos, who also serves as the CEO, with an aim to provide free educational tools to individuals, organizations, and nations that seek permanent solutions to all human-made problems and sufferings. The organization is headquartered in Mount Shasta, California with an office in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America.

In 2019, the organization announced the development of a personalized and interactive video capable of shattering ignorance, prejudice, fears, and delusions from all people regardless of race, religion, politics, etc. This project used the person of Donald Trump to deliver the message to the public at large. This revolutionary software consists of an interactive, personalized video designed to lead Trump on 20-30 minute self-discovery adventure. They also launched a campaign on the same year to raise funds to finalize the interactive video, an iPad needed to host it, and a secure shipment to Trump.[1]

Applications[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of Wise Civilian & Wise Cop mobile application

In September 2020, Vast Self announced the release of Wise Civilian & Wise Cop (WCWC), an interactive and educational game application for the Apple Store, developed by The purpose of this game is to end racism, prejudice, and violence between civilians and cops by making them meaningless and unthinkable. The app's material relies on empirical science and logic that is entirely unknown to most of humanity that proves any hostile action against anyone is an action against oneself.[2]

Wisdom Over Wars mobile application

In October 2020, the organization announced the release of Wisdom Over Wars (WOW) another free Android app in English, Hebrew, and Palestinian Arabic, the app was developed by[3][4] The app is based on scientific material never before available to Israeli and Palestinian people and others that offers an all-new problem-solving method to nations at war. The app uses irrefutable science and logic to show why humans share the same self, thus proving that any adverse action is always an action against oneself.[5][6][7]

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Permanently end all personal and World problems
  • Assist everyone in recognizing the single reason responsible for all problems and sufferings
  • Provide custom visual tools and phone apps that are solutions to any specific problem
  • Build museums of wisdom that demonstrate this mission
  • Share this mission with members of the UN, and other World Peace organizations
  • End Israeli - Palestinian conflict, and all wars - phone apps
  • End Animal exploitation & promote Vegan options
  • Bring this to the world’s attention

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