Govinda Bhattathiri

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Govinda Bhaṭṭatiri
Bornc. 1237
Diedc. 1295
Known forContributions to Indian astrology
Notable work
Dasadhyayi, Muhurtharathna
Paramesvara was a grandson of a disciple of Govinda Bhaṭṭatiri.

Govinda Bhaṭṭathiri (also known as Govinda Bhattathiri of Thalakkulam or Thalkkulathur) (c. 1237 – 1295)[1][2] was an Indian astrologer and astronomer who flourished in Kerala during the thirteenth century CE. His major work was Dasadhyayi, a commentary on the first ten chapters of the astrological text Brihat Jataka composed by Varāhamihira (505 – 587 CE). This is considered to be the most important of the 70 known commentaries on this text.[2] Bhaṭṭathiri had also authored another important work in astrology titled Muhūrttaratnaṃ. Paramesvara (ca.1380–1460), an astronomer of the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics known for the introduction of the Dṛggaṇita system of astronomical computations, had composed an extensive commentary on this work. In this commentary Paramesvara had indicated that he was a grandson of a disciple of the author of Muhūrttaratnaṃ.[3]

Govinda Bhaṭṭatiri was born in the Nambudiri family known by the name Thalakkulathur in the village of Alathiyur, Tirur in Kerala. He was traditionally considered to be the progenitor of the Pazhur Kaniyar family of astrologers. He is a legendary figure in the Kerala astrological traditions.[2][4][5]

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